hilkemp.com is a marketing communications consultant specializing in branding, design, social media, content curation and advertising. We also offer individual or group training, marketing and social media consultations, procedure and processes development. 

I'm Hilary. a digital marketing consultant. a social media strategist. a graphic designer. a shoe aficionado.


Strategy development, content, marketing campaigns, design, writing, UX, speaking engagements, shoes - these are all a little more fun when the right side of the brain gets involved.



Over 15 years of social media marketing experience in both business and nonprofit sectors. Trust me, it's not something "the intern can do," anymore.

In English or French, in email or newsletter, in Tweets or Pins, Posts or Updates. I can speak publicly, teach or train, write blogs, articles and clever captions, headlines, bylines and outside the lines.

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diligent, accountable & inspiring...her expert knowledge of social media marketing, brand development, media relations & digital strategy along with her dedication to providing high-quality work is what sets her apart.

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